Sage Lymph Care & Mana information

 I will give you the best experience.

Nice to meet you, Hiroe Ito is producing a lymphatic care salon “Yurupoka”.

I am doing body making using Sage Lymph Care.

It is treatment which does not rub, push, not pull

“Sage Lymph Care” improves the disorder of the body from the cell level, including stiff shoulders and low back pain.

What is lymphcare?

First of all, you will receive a question “Are you different from lymphatic massage?

Yes, I am distinct from lymphatic massage.

Oxygen and nutrients taken into the human body are taken into the body through the blood vessel, and 90% of carbon dioxide and waste matter return to the blood vessel.

10% of carbon dioxide and waste matter return to the lymph vessel and eventually return to the blood vessel.

The filament fiber sticks to the lymph duct at its tip. As the muscle and tissues move, the filament fiber opens, and the colorless and transparent interstitial fluid = lymph interstitial fluid flowing between the cells flows in there.

Let’s organize here.

Lymph fluid is called lymph fluid when it is inside the blood vessel when it is inside the plasma  when entering the lymph interstitial fluid lymph vessel.

Many of lymphatic massage and lymphatic drainage use the technique of flowing lymph fluid in lymph vessels.

“Sage Lymph Care” mainly taking in lymphocare and mana is to create an environment through which lymph interstitial fluid flows.

To create a flowing environment …

In the blood, the heart plays a pump function, whereas the lymph interstitial fluid fulfills the muscle functioning as a pump.

If stress or aging causes the muscles to become tense or contracting, the pump function will decrease.

Then, muddy lymph interstitial fluid will remain in the body, causing various physical disorders.

In “Sage lymph Care”, ears (temporomandibular joint) = muscles around the oral cavity from the muscles around the oral cavity are loosened (softened) and the circulation function is enhanced by making lymph interstitial fluid flow easier.

As the circulation function increases

It not only improves various symptoms such as shoulder stiffness, headache, but also has effects such as small face, lift up of face, bust up and so on.

What is lymphcare

It is a next-generation health cosmetic method with excellent beauty effect.

Lymphacare was born as a part of Nagoya dentist Dr. Aoko Sato ‘s treatment to relieve symptoms of TMJ (temporomandibular joint).

When the lymph interstitial fluid becomes easy to flow, oxygen and nutrients necessary for the cells can be distributed, and waste products can be excreted smoothly.

Do not rub, push, do not pull

There is no need to push, rub, or pull the lymph interstitial fluid flowing environment.

A gentle touch makes the lymph interstitial fluid flow sufficiently.

That is why it is said to be a magical touch.

And, I am glad that you can feel the effect with short care.

Expected effect in lymphatic care

Beauty effect

Small face, mouth corner lift up, temporomandibular joint, cheekbones, big eyes, nose high, nose distortion, sharp jaw, cheek plump, wrinkle, sagging improvement

Bust-up (better shape), Waist down, Hip up, Strength up, Muscle up, Diet

Bodily sensation effect

Headache, low back pain, stiff neck stiffness, neck stiffness, cervical spine distortion, pelvic correction, cervical vertebra correction, skull correction, rib correction, posture correction, menstrual cramps, depression symptoms, diarrhea constipation, fatigue recovery, coldness, foot Swelling, lymphedema, hay fever, allergic rhinitis, dizziness, post-operative cerebral infarction, temporomandibular disorder, chronic arthralgia

It’s my own experience

To tell the truth, I was a terrible stiff shoulders. I can not work PC for 30 minutes.

My habit is “I got tired ~” Even though I really have to work my old father,

I often had my shoulders rubbed.

Knowing lymphatic care, I became a body without fatigue.

It is now possible to head to the computer all day.

I almost stopped taking medicine in the period of hay fever.

Now I want to show my energetic figure to my deceased father.

My salon’s most popular is “lift-up minor face correction” that eliminates sagging while creating a small face with skeletal correction of a face by a melting technique.

Next, bust up with one operation! It is a popular course that is pleased that you can regain the breasts that burst from under the clavicle.

I will also inform you of self-care that can be done easily even if I return home at the time of treatment.

Please have a small face with surprising youthful tightness, a tune and a chest facing upwards, all of you.

In addition to the salon, we also conduct business trips at each venue inside and outside Shizuoka prefecture.

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